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2002 Speeches

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October 2002

Speech by Marcos Jank, Professor at the University of Sao Paulo

19 October 2002

Global Advocacy to Promote Agricultural Trade Reform Pressures on Agricultural Trade Negotiations POSITIVES Approval of the TPA (Trade Promotion Authority)...

August 2002

Speech by Clayton Yeutter, Cordell Insitute, on the Opportunity of a Century to Liberalize Farm Trade

2 August 2002

SUCCESS in the Doha Round negotiations depends on substantial progress being made in liberalizing agricultural trade – which has already been postponed...

June 2002

Speech by Miguel Rodríguez Mendoza, Deputy Director-General, World Trade Organization

11 June 2002

Rome, 11 June 2002 World Food Summit Trade liberalization and food security Introductory remarks It is still a long way to go to reach the goal of global...

May 2002

Opportunity of a Century to Liberalize Farm Trade

19 May 2002

Weekend Retreat Airlie House, Warrenton, 17-19 May 2002 SUMMARY OF DISCUSSION THE below fifteen points summarize what I heard, observed and concluded...