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Disclaimer and Privacy Statement

The Cairns Group Farm Leaders (CGFL), represented by the National Farmers' Federation of Australia (NFF), have taken all reasonable care in producing the information contained within this website.

The CGFL do not accept responsibility for loss or damage arising from the use of this information. Information supplied within this website is predominantly based on publicly available information, externally and internally developed data and other sources.

We are committed to a policy of openness regarding the manner in which it collects and uses personal information.

The CGFL will not disclose personal information except as required by law, or to the extent that the parties to which it relates would reasonably expect such disclosure in the general course of business.

We are committed to handling personal information in a secure, accurate and responsible manner. Should you wish to discuss the collection and use of personal information as it relates to you, please contact the NFF on behalf of the CGFL.

You may download the information within this website for your own personal use or to inform others about our materials, but you may not reproduce or modify it without the the CGFL's expressed written permission.